We welcome customers, new and old to our redesigned store. This is the long overdue result of bringing Duckworks Boat Builder's Supply into the 21st century.  Some of what you see here will be familiar and some things will be different.  What has not changed is our dedication to low prices, fast shipping, and providing the best customer service we can.

The biggest improvements are as follows:

  • You now have the ability to open an account that will keep your information and let you review past or pending orders
  • You can post product reviews directly on the product page and we encourage you to do this
  • You can post questions about products and review questions and answers that others have posted
  • You can easily review or order products on your mobile device
  • We are able to manage prices and inventory more easily

We know there are compromises and that the once familiar layout is different now, but we are convinced that the overall result is improvement. There may be problems in this new website and we ask that if you find one, you take a minute to click the "contact" button at the top of any page and send us a short note about the problem.